Emitters and paused/stopped state

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Emitters and paused/stopped state

Post  matt on Mon Nov 10, 2008 4:33 pm

In sio2_emitter.c / sio2EmitterRender, the code looks like:

   if( _SIO2emitter->state == SIO2_EMITTER_PLAY )
      // ...
      // Spawn new particles if necessary
      // ...
   { return; }
With regard to the SIO2_EMITTER_PAUSE state, I think the return in the if condition is wrong. Existing particles still need to be updated since not the whole emitter was destroyed but just paused from emitting.

Personally, I'd suggest to only have a play and stop state where the first keeps emitting and the latter only updates existing particles, and then change the code to:

   // ...
   else if (_SIO2emitter->n_particle == 0) // Nothing to update
   { return; }



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