Possibly Interesting Compiler Flag for SIO2 Users

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Possibly Interesting Compiler Flag for SIO2 Users

Post  uprise78 on Tue Dec 09, 2008 1:31 pm

If anyone out there has a game up and running try this and see if your FPS goes up a bit.

You may or may not know that ARM has 2 kind of opcodes:
  . 16 bit opcodes ("thumb"). Good for power consuption, binary is a bit smaller
  . 32 bit opcodes. Faster but consumes more power.

"thumb" can be turned off, thus generating bigger
binaries, consumes more power but are MUCH MUCH faster.

How to disable "thumb compilation" in your project:
1. open your XCode project
2. iterate for all over your targets in case you have more than 1
target. eg: cocos2d static library, chipmunk static library, your game
  2.1 for each target go to: Project -> Edit Active Target
  2.2 Select "All Configurations"
  2.3 Search for "thumb"
  2.4 You will see "Compile for thumb" -> Disable it

Clean all -> rebuild -> enjoy.


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Re: Possibly Interesting Compiler Flag for SIO2 Users

Post  sio2interactive on Tue Dec 09, 2008 4:28 pm

The thumb instructions is already turned off in every SIO2 tutorial as well as the template Wink

Tks for the info. but this have already been taken care of Wink


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