Max MD2 vs. max baked bone animation per scene

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Max MD2 vs. max baked bone animation per scene

Post  josgraha on Fri Feb 20, 2009 11:21 am

In tutorial 15 you mentioned that more than one boned mesh would drop performance below acceptable levels (say 14-30 FPS), how many MD2s can you have per scene to still get acceptable levels of performance? I am assuming this is because of the added overhead of interpolation vs. the keyframe / morph approach of MD2 format?



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Re: Max MD2 vs. max baked bone animation per scene

Post  sio2interactive on Fri Feb 20, 2009 4:29 pm

Not one but multiple bone skeletons running with physic are really heavy for the device, every vertices have to be recalculated every frame based on quaternion & its conversion + physic and weight on every bone... It is definitely possible run bone animation on the device, but if you start having multiple characters it will slow things down, its a bit like soft body, it work but it takes too much juice as soon as you start using them within a game scenario.

For MD2, I test a scene of 15k with a ground as triangles mesh and 12 MD2 models running and I get 40+ fps on the device, the hybrid approach that Im using is based on the same interpolation mechanism that I implement in the MD2 loader, but it is using VBO so it is even faster.

Hope this answer your question,


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