Can't even get started

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Can't even get started

Post  Madrayken on Wed Mar 25, 2009 12:55 pm

I've created a new version of tutorial 2 in its own folder.
I made my textures 256x256 and dragged them to the data folder SDK_Textures.
I built a cube and textured it with two of the textures in the folder.
I've created my own scene in Blender with this cube, and exported the scene to an sio2 file.
I've dragged it to the Resources folder.
I've edited so that all references now refer to camera/MyCamera, MySIO2BlenderScene.sio2 and the like.

However, while it all compiles the emulator crashes every time I run.

Debugging, I find it crashes in

if( _SIO2material->tname[ j ][ 0 ] && !_SIO2material->_SIO2image[ j ]->tid )

It appears that 'image/Fabric256.jpg' is somehow invalid.

I'm sure I'm missing some fundamental thing somewhere about where textures have to be placed or something. Anyone have any advice for how to start out project so that something works?


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