[BUG] Portrait using SIO2widget SIO2widgettapdown

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[BUG] Portrait using SIO2widget SIO2widgettapdown

Post  diehard on Fri May 29, 2009 11:20 pm

I spent hours debugging why I can't get an event callback from "SIO2widgettapdown" and the whole time I was developing in portrait orientation (for a game). The "sio2WidgetDebug" function added a red border around the area of event (aka responsive area of the widget) render the location correctly, but the event area was totally wrong and way off. Setting the widget location to x: 0 and y:0 (widget render: bottom left), I spent some time clicking everywhere and found the event area, it was at the opposite end (event area: top left).

The temporary solution was to wrap "sio2WindowEnterLandscape2D" and "sio2WindowLeaveLandscape2D" around every "sio2WidgetRender" function. And, wrap around the "sio2WidgetDebug" function. Consequently, my widget rendering rotated at landscape when in portrait orientation, thus I'll have to rotate the image itself using photoshop to save performance.

Thus, it seem "SIO2widgettapdown" was design for only landscape orientation when everything seem to be rendering portrait orientation, if you don't wrap "sio2WindowEnterLandscape2D" and "sio2WindowLeaveLandscape2D" around it.

For your information, I'm still new, I might be totally wrong, and I might be doing everything wrong.

But, if this is true, please look into SIO2 engine handling orientation (portrait) correctly in all functions.

Thank you,
William Chang


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