TEXTFIELD: how to use keyborad and objective c textfield

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TEXTFIELD: how to use keyborad and objective c textfield

Post  skeggialungo on Mon Jun 15, 2009 6:12 am

Hi, i am trying to develop a logic online game and i have great problem with textfield: i have read that if i want use iphone keyboard i must use UITextfield or uiTextview but i do not understand how to use it in the same sio2 project. i have a menu window and with my widget i go into the 1player game or 2 player game, simply using sio2widget:
- 1 player for the match with computer
- 2 players for a match with a friend
- credits
- network player for an online match
- continue that appear if a match is in pause

for changing "window" i change the widget. in network mode i must ask to player the login name and password in sio2 there are not a textfield component so i must use uitextfield but how can i use it in this case?
thanks for any help!


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Re: TEXTFIELD: how to use keyborad and objective c textfield

Post  sio2interactive on Mon Jun 15, 2009 6:17 am

Just simply create your own textfield based on a combination of SIO2widget & SIO2font, simply get the focus of the widget, pop the keyboard and redirect the keyboard input to a string attached to your textfield struct...

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