Duplicating objects

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Duplicating objects

Post  Fish on Tue Aug 25, 2009 10:36 am


I am having problems with the new engine when trying to duplicate objects.

Previously I used sio2ObjectDuplicate() to duplicate, reposition and change the rotation of a 'static actor' object. This worked fine.

With the new hard and soft copy functions I am having problems.

The rotation doesn't work in the same way at all. I rotate the duplicated object with values I have extracted from Blender. This worked fine with sio2ObjectDuplicate() but now the objects are facing odd angles and the collision is all out.

Has anyone else come across this problem?



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Re: Duplicating objects

Post  sio2interactive on Tue Aug 25, 2009 4:44 pm

Check tutorial061 for the basics, and if you need to take it to the next level (creating objects in realtime with animations and more...) check the source of the MeditationGarden.

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