Bug Report - Camera IPO with no rotation

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Bug Report - Camera IPO with no rotation

Post  jimmyz on Wed Oct 07, 2009 1:20 am

If you add an IPO to the camera and only add location keyframes it rotates the dir variables in the camera transform.

There is something wrong in sio2CameraRender

        if( _SIO2camera->_SIO2ipo && _SIO2camera->_SIO2ipo->state == SIO2_PLAY )
                sio2TransformSetLoc( _SIO2camera->_SIO2transform,
                                                        _SIO2camera->_SIO2ipo->_SIO2transform->loc );

                sio2TransformSetRot( _SIO2camera->_SIO2transform,
                                                        _SIO2camera->_SIO2ipo->_SIO2transform->rot );

                sio2Rotate3D( _SIO2camera->_SIO2transform->loc,
                                      90.0f - _SIO2camera->_SIO2ipo->_SIO2transform->rot->x,
                                      &v );

                sio2Vec3Diff( &v,
                                          _SIO2camera->_SIO2transform->dir );

Temporary solution: Add LocRot keyframes.


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