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SIO2::New Multiplayer Source Code Package

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SIO2::New Multiplayer Source Code Package Empty SIO2::New Multiplayer Source Code Package

Post  sio2interactive Sun Mar 21, 2010 12:56 am

In this unique source code package you will get all the necessary powers to create your own multiplayer games. Learn how to synchronize game state and physic state across a network using a multithreaded, multicasted server/client architecture using a time critical real time rendering loop.

This application show you how to integrate within your game a fast, flexible and scalable game server that can easily be customized to handle ANY type of multiplayer game, either on a local area network or on the internet.

Purchase NeonHockey today and learn how to achieve the following techniques:

- Game & Physic State Synchronization
- Realtime Reflection
- Create Powerful UI Design with LUA
- Non Player Character AI
- Advanced Game Management System
- Integrate Multiplayer with TCP/IP & SIO2
- Realtime Spherical Environment Mapping
- Optimized Machine State Rendering Pipeline
- 3D Communication Protocol Implementation
- More...

Integrate multiplayer functionalities to your game using the client/server model introduce in this source package in 7 days guarantee!

- Latest SIO2 v1.5.0 stable pre-release (20% faster than 1.4.0 with new machine state optimization, memory fragmentation, lower memory footprint).
- Powerful client/server multi-threaded, multicast server with customizable protocol.
- New PVRTC Blender Integration
- New 16bits textures SIO2 Native Integration

[ What you get ]
- FULL source code of the game + with comments and explanations.
- ALL .blend (Blender) files used for the game and rendering.
- ALL original textures and interface files in .xcf (The Gimp).
- Video Tutorial about the game content creation pipeline. (20+ min)
- ALL other game assets and source code to re-compile and link the game from scratch.

SIO2::New Multiplayer Source Code Package E9241a910b4d59e89a5d6b7008719d2a

SIO2::New Multiplayer Source Code Package A4a835ac9b2888daf085b8c7e638e8d7

SIO2::New Multiplayer Source Code Package Ef51b88ddeb56cef92c93ca08b53439e

SIO2::New Multiplayer Source Code Package 19cfedc40e1925f84010ebe65f7050af

SIO2::New Multiplayer Source Code Package 4fa472f98494784203a153155698f64e

[ Youtube ]

[ Website ]

Here's a list of the NEW features that is included in v1.5.0 and with this package:

[ 1.5.0 ]
- sio2VideoQueueBuffers and sio2VideoGetImage modification for SIO2window *.
- Exporter Camera user properties & scripts.
- sio2SocketConnect can now do domain resolution.
- New SIO2url (download stream from HTTP).
- LUA support improvements.
- SIO2script improvements and flexibility.
- Fix SIO2frame animation time ratio bug.
- Add SIO2_UPDATE_SOUND_SOURCE to specify wether or not the FX sound source of an object should be updated.
- Bullet 2.76 (SVN 2050).
- Independent sound radius for FX sound.
- sio2ResourceCancelEvents, make the event dispatcher stop processing events.
- New Touch Tracking system and handlers.
- Memory fragmentation optimization.
- Memory footprint optimization.
- LUA now only load the default module, math and SIO2. (smaller memory footprint).
- Now all channel starting from the third in blender are for sounds.
- Now export and support ALL Blender physic constraints.
- PVRTC native support & Blender integration.
- Major improvements in SIO2socket.
- Drastic speed improvement of resource and memory management.
- SIO2emitter optimization and bug fix.
- General optimization, leaks & bug fix.
- Native 16 bits texture support.
- New LUA helper integration directly in interface file (sio2.i).
- Huge improvements of SIO2socket.
- New SIO2framebuffer to create effect from the color buffer. (both 16 & 32 bits)

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