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Post  nasif Tue Dec 30, 2008 6:02 am

Dear all,
i am using Render 2.47 in apple mac to develop the game,As per a tutorial that i am refer; in order to create a runtime, select save runtime........etc as per the below

Making a stand-alone version of the game
Blender allows you to create a stand-alone version of your game to distribute to colleagues, without
them having to have Blender installed. Your game will automatically run when the program is run.
In Blender, select File-Save Runtime.
In the Save screen, enter a name for the game executable ( for example ball_game ). This will create
a ball_game executable in that folder, which you can distribute to your friends.
NOTE - you may need to include a few other files along with that executable. Copy the file to a
new folder and run it. If it gives an error that a file is missing, copy that file ( probably a .dll file )
into the same folder. Continue this process until the game runs. You will then be able to distribute
those files to your colleagues.

After i made i cannot play the game , also i did n't find any dll

please help me


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save runtime Empty Re: save runtime

Post  uprise78 Tue Dec 30, 2008 9:34 am

You need a Blender forum. This is a forum for SIO2, not Blender games.


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