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SIO2 Outsourcing

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SIO2 Outsourcing Empty SIO2 Outsourcing

Post  Admin Mon Mar 16, 2009 4:46 pm

This topic is now available for you to post your project idea(s) online to find some 3D experts in order to help you with your 3D games and apps.

SIO2 is reaching a large community of 3D programmers all interested in iPhone and iPod Touch development.

If you have a 3D project that you need help with, or simply want to get in touch with other developers in order for you to realize your dream app, this is the right place to post and found how the community can help you!

Comments, Advise, Projects, Freelance Contracts etc... are all welcome.

Hope this new topic will help!



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SIO2 Outsourcing Empty SIO2 expert wanted

Post  waterbuffalo99 Wed Jun 10, 2009 10:13 am

I'd like to hire an SIO2 expert with OpenGL, Bullet, and blender knowledge and experience. My initial goals are to accelerate my learning curve, do a feasability study, build a prototype, and go for some seed money. I've worked for Apple (8 years) and Cisco (6 years) and I've been a key part of several startup companies, some have even been successful, one was acquired by Cisco.

I would also like to identify 1 or 2 talented individuals who might like to join a small team for a funded project.

If interested please send a resume and contract rates to


Email: gcowsar at the above domain name


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