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Text Export Support

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Text Export Support Empty Text Export Support

Post  PapaSmurf Wed Apr 22, 2009 7:09 am

As you know, there are four ways to do text in the BGE, and I was wondering which ways are supported in Sio2:

1. The hard way is to UV map a texture to 60+ planes, using a font sheet of custom design. Then duplicate each plane as you need letters. Lots of setup work, but allows proportional spacing.
2. Convert a text object to a mesh. disadvantage is lots of polys.
3. The easy way is to use a standard font sheet, on the Texture Face Panel enable Text, and then give a plane at Text property and just type in your line of text as a message.
4. The old way is to like #1 above, but use the ObFamily of a Text object to duplicate (swap) each letter of a text object to your own object (plane). This allows 3D objects to be swapped in for each letter as well.

Which ways does Sio2 engine/exporter support? I know you can do #1 and #2, I was wondering about #3 or 4. Thanks!


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