Setting a timer callback within a class

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Setting a timer callback within a class

Post  meteors on Sat Jan 03, 2009 2:07 pm


I have emebdded an SIO2timer inside a class. I'm using this code in my class constructor:

sio2TimerCreate(wobble_timer, sio2->_SIO2window, wobble, WOBBLE_TIMER_INCREMENT);

Then I have the callback defined as:

void MyClass::wobble(void *){


XCode gives me this error: error: argument of type 'void (MyClass:Smile(void*)' does not match 'void (*)(void*)'

Thanks in advance,

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Re: Setting a timer callback within a class

Post  sio2interactive on Sat Jan 03, 2009 4:27 pm

I think that the error message that XCode give you is pretty self explanatory... Wink your function have to fit the following type: typedef void( SIO2timercallback( void * ) );

If you want to put this in a class you should do something like this:


class MyClass
SIO2timercallback *_SIO2timercallback;


Then assign a void function( void * ) to it...


void wobble( void *_ptr )


_SIO2timercallback = wobble;
sio2TimerCreate(wobble_timer, sio2->_SIO2window, myobject->_SIO2timercallback, WOBBLE_TIMER_INCREMENT);

or directly:

sio2TimerCreate(wobble_timer, sio2->_SIO2window, mobble, WOBBLE_TIMER_INCREMENT);

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