Request: glut+SIO2 project template with SIO2 releases.

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Request: glut+SIO2 project template with SIO2 releases.

Post  exavi on Wed Feb 25, 2009 3:24 am

Hi! I have been thinking about glut and SIO2 and even though I know that it wont take much time to make it work with glut, as it seems to be easily "portable" I was thinking that it could be also distributed with every sio2 release as it would be just calling those some sio2 functions from glut, something like calling templateRender() after glutInit(), GLUT_UP instead of SIO2_WINDOW_TAP_UP, and so on...

If distributing it with each release is not possible because you want to keep this engine only for the iPhone/iPod Touch would be cool to see quick tutorial on that. Smile


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