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Post  sio2interactive Wed Oct 28, 2009 9:43 pm

After over a year using the services, I was pretty satisfied. However recently the extended downtime and constant lagging and unstable behaviors of their servers makes me want to change the forum solution for SIO2 Interactive.

They even make an announcement claiming that now everything is back to normal, but I do not see some improvements.

For more information check:

So I've decided to now host the forum on my own website, so I contact forumotion asking them to please give me the database of users and messages that I've preciously collected over the last year and this is the response that they give me:

I am REALLY SORRY for all the inconvenience, and regret to have use their services for so long, I was CONVINCED that it would not be a problem later in time...

Anyway, I am asking ALL the previously registered users to please register again at the new address and to please post your questions on the new forum. If you can also transfer your previous posts it would help tremendously...

Once again, sorry for the inconveniences, and please help me to transfer and reconstruct this precious database of information.

Please take note that the old forum will still be available for reference only at:

And the new forum is available at:


Tks in advance,


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