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IPO Curves

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IPO Curves Empty IPO Curves

Post  bucket Fri Oct 10, 2008 5:40 pm

I currently have ipo curves partially integrated into the engine. I have a couple of questions.

Are you working on this right now? If not should I send you what I have now to get some feedback how you would want to make it work. If you are working on it should I send what I have anyway?

Right now the frame value used as the input for the ipo curves is stored separately for each object. There is now global time implemented into the engine for ipo curves as of now.

When thinking of usage for the ipo curves I could think of cases where a global time would be beneficial as well as each ipo curve having its own timing so an animation can be started at anytime. So I would like some feedback on how you would like a global time, this is how I imagine it happening right now.

I already have two objects
sio2Ipo - basically a container for a list of sio2Ipocurves. It also manages the use of the Time ipo curve
sio2Ipocurve - this is a single curve that stores curve data as well as what type of curve (LocX, ScaleY, Time, ect...)

I am thinking of adding a structure that will be associated with an ipo object, the object the curve is applied to, and weather the curve uses the global frame or a frame that this structure will also store.

Theses structures would then be stored as a linked list that would then be all updated with a single function call. These structures could also optionally remove themselves from the linked list when its animation completes.

Any feedback?


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IPO Curves Empty Re: IPO Curves

Post  sio2interactive Fri Oct 10, 2008 5:49 pm

That's great, I would love to see how it work... but before you send me a test project can you make sure of the following:

1. That only pure C ANSI ISO is used, no dependencies to any other library or .h is used except for the default one.

2. Can you respect the coding standard used by the other structs, as well as the overall approach for constructor, destructor, dynamic memory allocation etc...

3. Profile and check for memory leaks.

4. Send a project that demonstrate how it work etc...

Tks in advance!


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