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error trying to add sound to tutorial12

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error trying to add sound to tutorial12 Empty error trying to add sound to tutorial12

Post  foobar8675 Tue May 19, 2009 7:44 pm

I've been playing with the particle tutorial and wanted to add some sound like in tutorial09. in templateLoading() I added the lines in red

while( i != sio2->_SIO2resource->gi.number_entry )
sio2ResourceExtract( sio2->_SIO2resource, NULL );
sio2ResourceClose( sio2->_SIO2resource );
sio2ResourceBindAllSoundBuffers( sio2->_SIO2resource );
sio2ResourceBindAllImages( sio2->_SIO2resource );
sio2ResourceBindAllMaterials( sio2->_SIO2resource );
sio2ResourceBindAllMatrix( sio2->_SIO2resource );
sio2ResourceGenId( sio2->_SIO2resource );

however sio2ResourceGenId() gives me
Program received signal: “EXC_BAD_ACCESS” when stepping on file sio2_resource on line 2092
sio2SoundBufferGenId( _SIO2material->_SIO2soundbuffer, sio2IsEnabled( _SIO2material->sflags, SIO2_SOUND_STREAM ) );

any suggestions? any help is appreciated.


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