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SIO2widget sio2WidgetRender EXC_BAD_ACCESS

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SIO2widget sio2WidgetRender EXC_BAD_ACCESS Empty SIO2widget sio2WidgetRender EXC_BAD_ACCESS

Post  diehard Mon May 25, 2009 11:52 pm

For your information, I'm new to SIO2 and iPhone.

I finally resolved it after hours of frustrations, it is all because I didn't know I was missing "sio2InitWidget()" in the "" under the function "(BOOL)createFramebuffer". Please "sio2interactive" update the "template" folder in your SDK containing the missing "sio2InitWidget()" and make a exclamation note in your "Tutorial 07" about it, because it didn't say anything about having "sio2InitWidget()" in the "" file.

I have spent hours upon hours debugging when I using the SIO2widget for the first time. The iphone simulator running my application keep crashing and in debug mode, I would get an error "EXC_BAD_ACCESS". I traced it to the offending function "sio2WidgetRender()". The whole time I was looking at my code and comparing with the tutorials using SIO2widget. Ultimately, the last place I looked was "" and then I compared it to one of the tutorials. For your information, my code was based on the "template" folder from the SDK and the whole time I didn't know I was missing something in the "". The "Tutorial 07" explaining "SIO2widget" did not say anything about it. Mad

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