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Duplicating an object with sound attached

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Duplicating an object with sound attached Empty Duplicating an object with sound attached

Post  cgen2 Fri Sep 18, 2009 10:38 pm

I created a static object in Blender and attached a sound. I find I cannot duplicate the object with the sound attached. My code binds the sound buffers but aborts (bad access) when binding the sounds as follows:
[ // Duplicate balloon
SIO2object *_SIO2duplicate = NULL;
char name[ SIO2_MAX_CHAR ];
SIO2object *_SIO2parent = sio2ResourceGetObject( sio2->_SIO2resource, "object/Balloon" );

for( int i = 0; i < FS_BALLOON_DUPS; i++ )
// Create a unique name for our new object
sprintf( name, "%s_%d", _SIO2parent->name, i );

// Create an instance of balloon
if( _SIO2parent->_SIO2objectphysic->bounds == SIO2_PHYSIC_CONVEXHULL )
{ _SIO2duplicate = sio2ObjectHardCopy( _SIO2parent, name ); }
{ _SIO2duplicate = sio2ObjectSoftCopy( _SIO2parent, name ); }

sio2TransformCopy( _SIO2duplicate->_SIO2transform, _SIO2parent->_SIO2transform );

// Set position of balloon
_SIO2duplicate->_SIO2transform->loc->x = 20.0f;
_SIO2duplicate->_SIO2transform->loc->y = -100.0f + i * 75.0f;
_SIO2duplicate->_SIO2transform->loc->z = 30.378f;

sio2TransformBindMatrix( _SIO2duplicate->_SIO2transform );
sio2PhysicAddObject( sio2->_SIO2physic, _SIO2duplicate );

if( _SIO2parent->_SIO2objectphysic->bounds == SIO2_PHYSIC_CONVEXHULL )
{ sio2ObjectGenId( _SIO2duplicate ); }

// Bind all resources in resource manager to associated material.
sio2ResourceBindAllSoundBuffers( sio2->_SIO2resource );

// Generate the sound source buffer ID.
sio2ResourceGenId( sio2->_SIO2resource );

// Bind all sound sources to their buffers.
sio2ResourceBindAllSounds( sio2->_SIO2resource );]

(BTW: I'm not using convex hull).

Have I missed something?


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