first line of sio2ResourceUnload

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first line of sio2ResourceUnload Empty first line of sio2ResourceUnload

Post  zyzyandzyzy on Mon Sep 21, 2009 10:44 pm


The first line of sio2ResourceUnload is : sio2->_SIO2resource = _SIO2resource;
This makes me confused, why we should combine the sio2resource structure to global sio2 instance. Actually in my application, I'm trying to maintain two seperate sio2resource instances, one used to rend the current view, the other one is being preparing for following view. however if some internal functions keep binding the resource instance to global sio2 instance, it causes some problems....... Eh.... could I make a suggestion to seperate sio2resource and global sio2 instance in next release, just make the engine more flexible? ^__^



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