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SIO2vertexgroup Tutorial

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SIO2vertexgroup Tutorial Empty SIO2vertexgroup Tutorial

Post  jj Wed Sep 24, 2008 1:36 pm

Hi in the forums,

I've posted a thread from our emails re: the SIO2vertexgroup.

In addition: I notice from the documentation reference that the SIO2vertexgroup collaborates with both SIO2material (our discussions) and the SIO2sound ----> SIO2soundbuffer. Perhaps your next tutorial could start to build on the sound functionality of the SIO2sound, specifically it's usage with the SIO2vertexgroup?

Thanks so much for all of your awesome work!

::::My mesh in blender uses multi-texturing, with a few faces of my mesh use a diffuse red material, and a few others using a separate green material. Howevere, my sio2 model in iPhone window view is all red, 1 texture

:::yes SIO2 support multimaterial but not the exact same way blender do it (actually its a really good question I should include that inside a tutorial). You can use vertex group in order to use multimaterial, SIO2 will use the first material that it found from the list of faces assigned to this vertex group and use it for the whole group<<

::I have read over the ref documentation on SIO2vertexgroup, I imagine I can implement a vertexgroup for one set of faces of a mesh, and another vertexgroup (for a 2 material mesh). I'm still a bit shaky on incorporating ***stepping through the .sio2 compressed "materials"*** - Would I simply be assigning a diffuse/specular vec4 or col4?

***additionally helpful in next tutorial would be another example of getting a handle on specific SIO2object (meshes) and again demonstrating implementation of SIO2physic so that we can get a handle on object and run Bullet API on it for game!!!

One thing I did not include that should be touched on in the new tutorial is how to manipulate both the diffuse AND specular vec4 properties to recreate the material TYPE (eg. Lambert/Oran-Nayer.. Blinn/Phong.. etc)

Thanks again, sio2 is AWESOME!


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SIO2vertexgroup Tutorial Empty Re: SIO2vertexgroup Tutorial

Post  sio2interactive Wed Sep 24, 2008 6:20 pm

Please find below the link to a quick tutorial on how to implement multimaterial using vertexgroup in the current release of SIO2.

In addition there's the list of the upcoming tutorials that are on my (relatively long) TODO list, if you guys have other requests please feel free to post'em Wink

OK - Getting Started + Debug GL/AL/MEM
OK - Model Loading + Blender Basic + Vertex Color
OK - Model Material & Texture
OK - Transparency & Alpha Level & Billboard & Basic Camera
OK - Font
OK - First Person Camera + Physic + Model Physic + Model Instance + Collision Map + Picking (highlight + hightlight parent)
OK - Lighting + Mist
- Sound ( sound in object ) + sio2ResourceSetAmbientVolume + setfx volume + Set Separate Volume
- Third Person Camera + Physic + Sound (ambient + FX + on collision) + Sensors + Lighting + Switch Render Function ( Next Level Loading on trigger )
- Custom Loading MD2 + Low Level physic & API PCX & Custom Draw + setAlpha (JPEG + A)
- Widget & GUI
- Baking + Mipmapping + Change Default tfilter + afilter
- Animated Texture
- Particles
- LUA Scripting + LUA Config + Clouds Moving ( glTexture Matrix )+ Perlin
- GLUT example

As you can see sound is the next one on the list, however, Im still thinking how I can show that one cuz the simulator doesn't support sound... I have to show it on an iPhone I guess... so not sure how to present that... maybe a 2 part video one showing how to setup everything in blender and another showing the result using my digital camera? any suggestions?

For the last point you mention, concerning the material Diffuse Shader type... well I have no choice to use the default lighting model (Lambert) of OpenGL ES (since iPhone doesn't have no shader support) so... is that what you mean?

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