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question about video tutorial 15 part 2

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question about video tutorial 15 part 2 Empty question about video tutorial 15 part 2

Post  geekschmoe Thu Jul 02, 2009 1:04 am

I have a question about the hybrid animation in tutorial 15.

"...bit of distortion that is done... it is normal... bone animation on the device for multiple characters will be too heavy to process.. if you only have one probably that will do but if you have more than one that might be a problem" and then he goes on to describe how to insert many middle frames to smooth out the distortion in the animation. I'm curious if inserting many middle frames like this will also allow for multiple characters to be animated simultaneously? I mean, is the many middle frames fix intended to remedy the distortion problem OR to lighten the processing load that is required?

If I want 10 characters animating in the view at the same time: what's my preferred implementation? a ton of keyframes? every other keyframe?



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question about video tutorial 15 part 2 Empty Re: question about video tutorial 15 part 2

Post  sio2interactive Wed Jul 08, 2009 3:29 am

That's exactly the idea... "animating multiple characters", you see every action are exported in an action strip you can have 10 characters using the same action strip but only 1 is loaded in memory, this concept is even enhanced in 1.3.6 separating the strips at export time... and then within your game you can simply have a macro that check if the action is already loaded: if yes play if not load and play that simple... and of course all that can be done in another thread Wink


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