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Blender 2.49 Physics.

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Blender 2.49 Physics. Empty Blender 2.49 Physics.

Post  evrenbingol Thu Jul 16, 2009 3:11 am

Game Logic (physics) Buttons in blender is a little different> Does the exporter support 2.49?
Or should I downgrade blender.

sio2ResourceBindAllPhysicObjects( sio2->_SIO2resource,sio2->_SIO2physic ); throws an exception
PS: I added the physics frame listener in

_SIO2physic->_btSoftRigidDynamicsWorld->addRigidBody( _SIO2object->_btRigidBody ); in line number 374.

I checked the object and it is a Plane

I have tried all possible combinations ( as in rigid, static, soft ) for the plane but all crashed.

I am guessing there might be an exporter issue with blender 2.49? any ideas.

Also Thanks for the fast replies.


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Blender 2.49 Physics. Empty Re: Blender 2.49 Physics.

Post  sio2interactive Thu Jul 16, 2009 3:44 am

The exporter fully support 2.49 (that's whats the version Im using too)

When you export physic object make sure that you are adding them in the following sequence:

1. Make sure that you have a physic world created on sio2->_SIO2physic



      sio2ResourceBindAllInstances( sio2->_SIO2resource );

      sio2ResourceBindAllMatrix( sio2->_SIO2resource );

      sio2ResourceBindAllPhysicObjects( sio2->_SIO2resource, sio2->_SIO2physic );

      sio2ResourceGenId( sio2->_SIO2resource );

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