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An other vertex Group Question

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An other vertex Group Question Empty An other vertex Group Question

Post  TriplepAF Tue Aug 18, 2009 4:30 am


I'm trying already for a few days to render my Blender model correct in SIO2. It would be greatly appreciated to find a solution for the incorrect render problem Very Happy. After every modification on the vertex groups the render in the simulator or iPhone is just blank or i got only one color (ugly neon red and all shapes are vanished) on the whole cube. I can render the dice correctly if I bake the vertex colors with the export script. The drawback with this workaround is that the blender shadows will also be baked. I'm using the default export script that is delivered with the SIO2 engine 1.4. I have chosen tutorial02 as my base project and replaced Suzanne with the Dice Object.

I have watched the two YouTube SIO2 multimaterial movies and read trough all the topics about vertex groups.

An other vertex Group Question Cube_s10

I made one vertex group for the main object and assigned a new material without any textures to it:

An other vertex Group Question Vertex10

With "ctrl+I" i inverted the selection and made an second vertex group for the eyes and assigned a material to it. But after pressing deselect, select I got more faces then I initial selected. Is this behavior causing my problem?

An other vertex Group Question Vertex11

I already tried a few times to delete the vertex groups and materials.

Im writing this topic on my Windows machine but use for the model and development process a MacBook Pro.

Thanks for helping out on this one.


Sio2 engine 1.4
Blender 2.49a


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An other vertex Group Question Empty Re: An other vertex Group Question

Post  sio2interactive Tue Aug 18, 2009 3:25 pm

What I personally do for creating vertexgroup, I select all the triangles then separate them from the main object, repeat that for the # of group you have then simply join back all the pieces together... sometimes strange things happen with the vertexgroup creation on Blender or maybe I still haven't fully get it Wink Anyway that method work everytime Wink



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