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Hello & Some (Payed) Help For My Game

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Hello & Some (Payed) Help For My Game Empty Hello & Some (Payed) Help For My Game

Post  Angelus Sun Aug 30, 2009 3:39 am

Hello All!

I am new here to the forums however I am not new to SIO2. The one and only reason I am asking for help is because I was recently in a terrible accident were one of my many injuries was having the distinct knowing feeling of what it's like to sever a hand from an arm. Of course the nerves were just stretched out but never the less I am left in a splint right now as I have stitches from the surgery to fix my hand to the best of it's ability. As of now I am typing with my right hand only (it thankfully my dominate hand) however I had many other injuries that make it hard to sit up for longer periods of time. I have purchased many assets for my game from royalty free sites so you won't need to texture or model at all. All I need is someone to do level building and maybe script a first person camera view. I am making a FPS with very high quality graphics. Let me know if you are at all interested by posting back and we'll go from there. Thank You for your time!!!

P.S. You will get payed!


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Hello & Some (Payed) Help For My Game Empty Re: Hello & Some (Payed) Help For My Game

Post  sio2interactive Sun Aug 30, 2009 4:27 am

Man... sorry to hear that... take it easy dude and prompt recovery...

I would be glad to help... maybe we can a quick skype conversation where you can brief me about the project so I can give you an approximation in time and budget.



ps: You can find my contact info there:

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