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Game AI: Lua or IPO?

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Game AI: Lua or IPO? Empty Game AI: Lua or IPO?

Post  vikthered Fri Jul 17, 2009 1:18 pm

Hello people,

I could'nt find a similar topic, so i thought i'll create a new one. I'm new to Blender and the sio2 SDK. I'm planning to develop a racing game. I used tutorial 09 as my template and modified it so that i have a race track on my plane and a car instead of the cylinder in the First Person Cam mode.

What i'm trying to figure out is how to code the game AI to make the other cars follow the race track. Can lua or IPO be used? I have no idea what they are Very Happy (all i know is lua script can be used for animation and IPO for key frame animation, if i'm not wrong).

Please suggest any ideas you might have. Also, any resources on lua or IPO for beginners would be really helpful Smile

Thank you


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