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Export Repeating Texture?

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Export Repeating Texture? Empty Export Repeating Texture?

Post  quantass Tue Sep 29, 2009 10:43 pm

I have a texture that repeats in the horizontal X on my object however on export to .SIO2 for displaying within my iPhone app, the texture does not repeat. Is there any way to tell SIO2 export and importer to support texture repeating? I did find some python code that states tex.getExtend() but REPEAT is never used.



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Export Repeating Texture? Empty Re: Export Repeating Texture?

Post  sio2interactive Fri Oct 02, 2009 6:31 am

Repeat is the default value... just make sure that you haven't set the Clip toggle ON. Maybe review the tutorial08 video and observe the way I tile the rock texture.

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