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Welcome to the SIO2 Store

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Welcome to the SIO2 Store Empty Welcome to the SIO2 Store

Post  sio2interactive Wed Dec 23, 2009 4:11 pm

SIO2 Interactive is proud to launch the first Portable Game Source Code market place in the world!

I know what you are asking yourselves… Sounds all marketing but what does that mean?

What is means its since the immense success of the Source Code Package that SIO2 Interactive have been selling since last August, we took the concept and push it one notch up...

A lot of people are not satisfied by their sales on the App. Store… with the myriad of new App. everyday it is really hard for a Indie developers without a marketing budget to make their way to the Top 10, even with a good game… quite unfortunate… yes, I agree. That's where the SIO2 Store comes in...

What the SIO2 Store does for Publishers?

The SIO2 Store gives an opportunity for publishers to gain extra money by selling their source code, assets, scripts or any other "game related" content on the SIO2 Store. And it doesn't have to be SIO2 related… whatever type of game/code or assets that you posses (even Java, Coacoa or… ) as long as you feel that it can be useful to someone, no problem...

For a publisher, we are now offering a whole backend that can be accessed by filling a simple registration form, from there you gain access to a full cockpit that allows you to create and manage your package(s) that will be sold online.

Basically we are working like the App. Store, first you submit your package, then we review it, approve it, and put it online. We are using paypal to process the payment, and as for our service fee we charge 30% of the sale price that you set which means that upon a successful transaction you will receive a 70% straight in your pocket… Not bad considering a package at 100$, 70$ is in your pocket, in 1 transaction, instead of selling 70 x 0.99$ units on the App. Store… pretty neat if you ask me

With the SIO2 Store you don't have to worry about anything… we are handling all the transactions, hosting, distribution, encryption of your proprietary packages and will keep you in touch with your custommer(s) questions, requests etc… sweeeeeeet.

All good but Im a developer working on a game, what the SIO2 Store can do for me?

For developers the SIO2 Store is the ultimate marketplace to help you develop your game(s) and bring the next generation of portable games to the next level.

Personally when I code, every time I start something new I first check if someone have done something similar. No need to re-invent the wheel really… This is where the SIO2 Store kicks in for you, for a relatively small amount of money you can save yourself HOURS if not WEEKS of work…

Source packages are constantly updated, new packages comes in demonstrating new techniques, approach etc… With the SIO2 Store you can gain access to source code or demo that will help you save HOURS if not WEEKS digging on google, try and error etc…

Enough said, have a look for yourself! We are now launching the BETA version of the SIO2 Store that you can find at the following address:



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