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walking and jumping (sample code and game theory)

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walking and jumping (sample code and game theory) Empty walking and jumping (sample code and game theory)

Post  geekschmoe Wed Jun 24, 2009 1:14 am

My goal is to create a simple proof of concept walking character that walks around the 3d world (preferably in a pattern shape like a square or circle - imagine a soldier walking around a base or something). Super extra bonus points would be if I could push this object around using the first person camera (basically using the invisible cylinder that represents that "person") and essentially knock it "off course" but it would smoothly transition back into its walking pattern. I would understand if this question is too generic and "off topic", so let me know if that is the case. However, I'm really interested to here what the proper way to handle this would be. References to external text or keyword topics would be highly encouraged. I'm not sure if its appropriate but I *think* it would be nice include this type of stand alone walking object example in the tutorials.

So I'm comfortable with creating animations in blender and kicking them off in sio2. But, given an animation walk cycle, I'm struggling coupling that walk cycle animation with the physics engine and sio2 (moving the object whilst it is currently animating). I'm guessing you would keep an instance variable of your direction vector and one for your speed. My only frame of reference here is the sample camera movement in first person in tutorial 6.

FYI - I'm entirely new to 3d game programming and (obviously) for all intents and purposes I'm definitely a newbie, but I have years of professional OO dev and a couple months of blender, 3D math and openGL programming.


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walking and jumping (sample code and game theory) Empty Re: walking and jumping (sample code and game theory)

Post  yarri Wed Jun 24, 2009 1:50 am

Hi, you mean autonomous steering? Perhaps this code might help:



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