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redoing the tutorials question

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redoing the tutorials question Empty redoing the tutorials question

Post  Hellboy Wed Aug 19, 2009 2:41 am

This is my first post here so Hello World! Smile
I have a problem when i'm redoing the tutorials. I use the template and try to reproduce the code from a tutorial file and the thing is i get blank screen at build.
Are there any other classes i should look at except template.h/mm templateappdelegate.h/mm eaglview.h/mm? (i mean without going through the whole sio2 project code)
If i reproduce or modify a tutorial (making the scene in blender and all) it works but if i use the template and try to make the code again i always get blank screen (except tutorial01 where basicly there is not much sio2 in it) and i've even tryed copy pasting the code from a tutorial over the template and still same thing. Any pointers from people who mastered this?

ps: i am attaching the .sio2 file in my resource folder


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