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Exporting meshes after boolean

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Exporting meshes after boolean Empty Exporting meshes after boolean

Post  Shamaskatu Mon Aug 31, 2009 8:21 pm

I discovered an error in the sio2 exporter that shows up as "AttributeError: this mesh contains no deform vertices" on the console, and there is no help I have found on this yet. The error also shows up on another python script (such as the polyreducer) in Blender, so it may not be related solely to sio2. It happens after I try to do a boolean operation on a mesh then export it. - error!

The solution is to go into edit mode on the modified mesh you just created (I just finished boring a hole into a panel), and re-assign all of the vertices to the 'null' vertex group. I don't completely understand why this happens... but i'm learning...

1. select your object
2. tab into edit mode
3. make sure you are selecting vertices and select all ('a')
4. go to edit mode (F9)
5. under vertex groups, select Assign to assign all vertices to the null group
6. re-export, and wa-laa, no error!

(Blender v 2.49a, sio2_exporter 1.4.0)


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